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Paid Interviews on Car Modification (no age limit)

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Hello, my name is Jamie Kwon and I am a fourth-year doctoral student at Rutgers University. I am currently researching access to a modified vehicle for people with disabilities under the guidance of Professor Douglas Kruse. I've had wonderful opportunities to talk to the members of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation so far, and I am looking for more volunteers. 

In this study, we want to gain insights on what types of challenges people with SCI may face modifying their vehicles and how car modifications can help people with SCI access healthcare services, social activities, and job opportunities. You will participate in a one-hour interview.

To participate in the study, you must be: 

·       A person with SCI who wishes to own or currently owns a modified vehicle.

·       Both participants who need a modified vehicle to drive or ride as a passenger can apply.

·       There is no age limit for participating, but you need to have either looked for or purchased a modified vehicle before age 65. 

Participants will receive $50 for participating.

To take part in the research study or for more information, please contact the researchers at the following email address: [email protected] or text 312-934-5116. Please contact me should you have any questions.

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