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Eligibility for third dose?

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Nurse Linda and my own physician have said that SCI is equivalent to being immunocompromised.  However, the CDC categories detailing current eligibility for a third dose of vaccine are very specific, relating to organ transplants, chemotherapy, etc., and don't seem to leave any room for us to qualify.  Should we be currently eligible for a third dose, and how can we qualify in the face of the narrow CDC categories currently in use? Thank you, Dan K.

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    Hi, Dan K. Yes, SCI is an immunocompromising condition but not at the level of seriousness as the individuals on the CDC list. Those CDC list diagnostic groups were not able to mount a significant immunity due to their treatments that are necessary for them to survive. Individuals with SCI have varying levels of autonomic disruption but not elimination. So, yes, the CDC guidelines stand. The booster will be available mid to late September, I hear September 20th but no information as to how it will be distributed. Recommendations are to obtain the vaccine 8 month after the date of your second mRNA vaccine. If you received Pfizer, you stick with a Pfizer booster. Moderna, stick with the Moderna booster. J&J time table is being discussed. Nurse Linda

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