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Work life..

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When I first had my accident I was at university. After a year out for hospital and recovery, I finished Uni and came away with BSc which took me into programming. I enjoyed it for its mental challenges and algorithms for a good few years, and the fact I was freelance gave me the flexibility I needed in the early years of injury. I changed my path a few years ago because I wanted to do something more creative. I had sewn all my life for myself with a sewing machine given to me at the age of 9. I still have that machine, and its still in use! I also play the Piano, Viola and Violin, and wanted to incorporate all of those things into my work life. Playing music has so many amazing physiological and psychological benefits and its something that has carried me all the way through my life. I now sew in my workshop making things to help others such as reusable continence wear, custom clothing and custom upholstery for chairs and sports equipment etc, and I teach the Piano. I love it, it's amazing to watch someone grow in their love for music, and watch their minds flourish year upon year. To see them use it as I have my whole life for emotional gains and release. I like to study also and did a couple of RHS courses in horticulture and permaculture a few years back, and to keep up skills and knowledge, and enjoy a better microscope than my own, lol, I volunteer at a local independent nursery a few hours a week. Mainly grafting, cuttings, cloning, and bio control of disease and pests etc.. sometimes just tens of thousands of plugs to be potted up like at this time of year. So, my last 13 years have been the best work years of my life! I have chosen what I enjoy the most and do it as much as I can. 

Do you work? Volunteer? Study? Are you trying to get back into work paid or otherwise? Work can mean various things!

“Inhale the future. Exhale the past.”


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