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I have just been diagnosed with bladder cancer, can you offer me any advice,

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Has anyone any experience of or knowledge of any paras who have dealt with this issue? I would appreciate any advice , sincerely Eddie 17


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    Hi, Eddie, I am sorry. This is a frightening time. Bladder cancer used to be a consequence of SCI due to the materials in catheters. That material has been removed a long time ago, so that issue is off of the table. Bladder cancer is not an outcome of SCI now.
    The type of cancer, location and stage should be your first questions. These are the things to find out. What type of cancer? Where exactly is it located in the bladder? What stage is the cancer, meaning has it spread? Once you have these answers, your doctors will be able to predict what treatment is required. They might be able to use a scope and scoop it out, perhaps a more significant surgery or chemo and/or radiation therapy. 
    This is a very upsetting time. Get as much information from your doctors with predictions for treatment and success rates. Knowing what is going to happen can be a great help in moving through the process. I certainly wish you well. Let me know how you are doing and if I can provide questions you will want to ask your doctor besides just the three starters. Nurse Linda

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