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Mattress Recommendations, Please

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I am a caretaker for an elderly woman who is mostly bedbound in a hospital bed. She has had five mattresses in the past five years because they wear out to the point that she is sitting in a hole. Her current mattress isn't even a year old and is showing the worse wear so far. Any recommendations for a mattress that won't "bottom out"? Thanks

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  • AskNurseLinda
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    If you haven't tried a roho mattress or bed overlay, you might check into that. You might be able to get it though insurance if you have an MD order. They are made of little projectiles or cells that help disperse weight.
    Be sure you check with whomever you get the next mattress. Less than a year should be under warranty. My experience is that many of these mattresses wear out due to use and getting in and out of bed. Still the manufacturer should support their product. Nurse Linda

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  • PRL
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    Thank you so much. She actually uses a Roho cushion on her wheelchair, so I'll definitely be looking into that.
  • ambercollie
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    My quadriplegic son has used a REM Sleep Solutions memory foam mattress for over 11 years and has not had one pressure sore!
    We even got a single bed version when he went off to college.