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Purchasing accessories for ventilators

appi101 Member Posts: 3
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I had posted previously about my father here. I'm happy to share that after six months of me and my sister being with him we were able to bring him to a wheel chair and have him sit in front of the computer, do video calls etc. He now smiles, moves his lips and expresses interest every once in a while.

With the wheel chair he is now mobile for a few hours each day. We take him out with the Trilogy 100 ventilator attached (on battery). He is able to maintain his blood pressure.

Unfortunately, there hasn't been much progress with his recovery in terms of movement. However, he is in a much more positive mental state.

The key hurdle we are facing now is technological. We want to take him for a longer walk (in the wheelchair) but the concern in is the battery life for both the trilogy 100 ventilator and the portable oxygen concentrator.

Unfortunately, these components are very hard to source in India and are not sold separately.

Would someone on this forum be able to advise on a store in the US which sells extra batteries, an external charger and other accessories for a Trilogy 100 ventilator? I can carry them with me when I visit India next. 



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    Hello, Aprameya, Wow what a difference from your first contact. It is great that your father is doing so well. This is thanks to you and your family. Impressive work. 
    In the US, medical supplies can come from any medical supply company or store. Here, the company used for purchase is based on payor or insurance carrier as they have contracts with different companies. I assume you will be doing a direct purchase so any company can provide the equipment. You may need a prescription for some of the equipment. If you are self pay, ask if there is a discount for self payment. Some companies will do this, some won't. Don't be shy to ask. Nurse Linda

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    Nurse Linda

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