How would you rate the Resources in your state in regards to assistance with funding?

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Being that we are all from different States I am curious to know how's the assistance in other states I am from New York and I may consider relocating in the future I would like to know what programs exist in other areas throughout the country and how they have assisted you with your recovery?


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    Tennessee = I would have to give them a very poor rating. They expect insurance to cover the cost of everything and insurance is very limited in what they will cover. In our area we have the Arc but they have very limited funding and provide aide for six counties. When the lift on our van broke we applied for funding to get it fixed but the limit allowable is $2,000, now that is a lot but the lift needed to be replaced and the side doors to accommodate a new lift, which well exceeded the $2,000 limit. (Our van is a 2001 with one of the lifts that comes out from underneath). I ended up getting the van doors fixed and buying a set of 8ft folding ramps (the kind most people use to load lawnmowers onto the back of a pickup) that's what we now use.

    Since my son turned 18 in Sept we are finding out resources for adults is basically nonexistent.

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    Arkansas is also terrible. We are the only state in the country with a state agency on SCI. You can't get any help unless you fall into a category of such strict requirements it's ridiculous.
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    Texas boys is also terrible.
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    Almost zero most of the time in New Mexico.
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    I am very satisfied and grateful for the resources I have in California. 
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