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Hello my name is Monica. I am Charlie's mom.

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Hello. My name is Monica, my teenage son Charlie recently became a wheelchair user. In June of 2017 Charlie required full spine scoliosis surgery, during the surgery there was a "bleed" at the T2 level. I had never heard of "T2", spinal bleed, spinal shock or SCI. We were flung into a world of unknowns. Since that time we been learning to cope with a long list of new and often difficult medical, personal and social issues. The "bleed" left Charlie in the ICU for a month, then in the physical Rehab hospital for 4 weeks, where he (re)learned how to sit up and due to insurance's refusal to pay any longer we were sent home and began the long and continuing journey into our new life. After floundering in a pit of frustration and fear we were introduced to this Foundation by a dear friend. The books and information we were sent helped guide us from an endless path of fear onto the new path of education, understanding and realization that though it's not always easy it does get better. I won't deny we been through hell and some days we still struggle just to cope with daily life but we aren't floundering in the pit of despair anymore.

My son would be the one reading/typing and posting here - But he is Special Needs, though he can read and communicate it's not on a level that he could express himself here.

Thank you for allowing me to be his voice and to also be a part of this forum.