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Vacationing independently

Destination_RehabDestination_Rehab Member Posts: 1
What resources, support, training would help you feel confident to vacation independently/with friends (using AirBnb, hotels, etc)?  If you love to travel and experience the outdoors, what are the main barriers?


  • suzsuz Moderator Posts: 4 Moderator
    Name Dropper First Comment
    I always do loads of research before I travel anywhere. I have been on lots of trips since my accident, and they are getting easier and I am getting much more efficient at knowing what to pack, what to plan, what to double check etc. 
    Finding somewhere that is truly step free and means I can move around independently and having an accessible bathroom are probably my 2 biggest things that I have to have in place before I go somewhere. All the other things are 'nice to have' but are not essential for me to have a good time. 
    @Destination_Rehab - have you traveled much?
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