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 I’m curious to how  my fellow quadriplegics deal with the obstacle of signatures in the daily life of life. We often have to sign things everything requires a signature  for approval verification and other things my question to the Quad community  anyways how do you deal with  signatures  I currently battle with this every day Needing people to sign for me has been a huge hassle please share with how you deal with this obstacle


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    Hey, @raysellers! My brother has a C6-7 complete SCI. He has some use of his hands, but not up to full functionality. He got tendon transfer surgery several years ago, which helped him a lot. Before the surgery, he used two hands to write, and now he uses one in a sort of pinching form. He still can't write perfectly, but he takes a lot of pride in his signature, actually! He embraces the scrawl and uniqueness of it. Obviously I am not recommending surgery just to improve your signature, but that's my brother's experience!

    I wonder if getting a customized stamp could help? Especially one that is self-inking.
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    @raysellers what level are you? I’m a c-5. I have some strength in my wrist also. I have some wrist function on one side. I have someone weave a pen between my fingers and sign. It takes practice 
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    @Mnichols23 I’m c5 I also  have some wrist function  and my hands are more open rather than in a face position so it kind of makes it harder to hold a pen but as @BrookeU  suggested   The self ink stamp might be perfect for my situation Thanks you guys really appreciate the feedback
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