Can't Do Without It

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For me, my "can't do without it" product is a Transfer Sling - We use it as a leg-lifter. It's not one of the bigger slings, it's a padded, 24inches long, 8 inches wide with handles at each end sling. Charlie can't move his legs and due to weak upper body and arm strength he struggles to use the transfer board. The sling allows me to help him move his legs once he begins moving his bottom along the transfer board.

Of course there are other products we can't do without, but the sling ranks right at the top of that list.


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    I use a condom catheter and leg bag. I have a device called JB3 that allows me to drain my leg bag completely independently. If it were not for this device I would not be able to be on my own throughout the day. It gives me so much independence! Definitely one of the top products I could not live without.

    Jb3 Leg Bag Emptier
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    I can't do without Botox injections for my spastic bladder. It works miracles. Your urologist injects the stuff directly into your bladder and it completely eliminates leakage problems that used to drive me crazy. It's a beautiful thing.
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