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Quadriplegic at the age of 70?

Hi, I'm here looking for support for my mother who recently became quadriplegic.  I'm not sure if I am even posting in the right category as I feel overwhelmed as her daughter on how to support her (while also living out of state far away).  She will be hitting 70 next year and I am concerned about how life will be for her from here on - mainly because she is older and doesn't have the energy and stamina as he may have had if she were younger.

She is currently at a skilled nursing facility and I am worried this is not the right place for her and she should really be at an inpatient rehab for SCI.  But we are told that she cannot handle the intensive therapy right now, so she has to get her energy back up first.  Then I am worried her insurance will not approve her inpatient rehab, or what happens if they feel she will never have the energy or stamina for inpatient rehab?

We would eventually want her home.  But it would just be my dad with her and he is hitting 75.  There is no way he would be able to care for her.  They do not have the finances to have someone full time providing care.  The would need to make modifications on their home and don't think my dad realizes that either.

So at a complete lost on what I can do to help my mom do her best and reach her maximum potential with the right rehab.  And also how to provide her a decent quality of life when she comes home.



  • leksa
    leksa Member Posts: 12
       I know it may be a bitter pill to swallow but sometimes a nursing home is the safest place to be. Nine years ago I became a quadriplegic my family wanted to take me into their home but I knew in my heart of hearts it would not be fair to them. So I am in a nursing home.
      However if you are able to bring her home there are organizations that can help with in-home care. You might want to consult with the social worker where she is at to see what resources are available to you. The government and your local county will have programs available. The county usually has an office for the aged. Leave no stone unturned.
      Best wishes.