President’s budget eliminates funding for the Paralysis Resource Center: Act now!

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On March 11, President Trump released his proposed FY 2020 budget and, for the third straight year, the Administration has proposed eliminating the Paralysis Resource Center (PRC).

Since its founding in 2002, the PRC has helped millions of individuals and families impacted by paralysis access information, receive direct mentoring and support, and participate in grant-funded programs that improve their quality of life. There is no other program or agency that provides the same level of expertise and support for individuals living with spinal cord injury, MS, ALS, cerebral palsy, stroke and other forms of paralysis.

Paralysis is not like any other disability or disease. It requires specialized resources to help individuals live a productive, active and full life. Despite its proven success, the Administration’s budget continues to overlook the PRC’s tremendous value and puts the only centralized resource for the greater paralysis community at risk to be eliminated.

Funding for the Paralysis Resource Center represents just .011 percent of the entire budget for the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), and .00014 percent of Trump’s total proposed budget. An attempt to save funds cannot be at the expense of the millions who rely on the PRC’s life-saving services, especially when the program represents a small fraction of the total budget.

Thankfully, the PRC has broad bipartisan support and Congress makes the final funding decisions. In fact, Reps. Jim Langevin (D-RI) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) are currently circulating a letter in support of level funding for the PRC at $8.7 million.

How you can help:
We need you to act now to protect the PRC by sharing what this program means to you and to all individuals living with paralysis.

Contact your congressional representative today and ask them to sign onto this letter. We STRONGLY urge you to personalize your message with information on how the PRC has helped you and/or your family. It is incredibly important for legislators to hear your story and understand your perspective as their constituent.  

The success of the PRC is unparalleled -- just ask the hundreds of thousands of people who are living and thriving as a result of this vital lifeline. Simply put, the PRC is smart federal funding at work -- a good investment considering the significant and vast resources offered by a small (yet mighty) team at the Reeve Foundation. Eliminating or reallocating its funding is not only potentially harmful to many, it will inevitably cost our government more and create a dangerous void in support for families impacted by paralysis.  

Write your representative today and tell them NO to eliminating or reducing funding for the PRC. It will take just a few minutes, but you can make a life-changing difference for the 5.4 million Americans living with paralysis. The deadline for this letter is March 26, so please act now!

As Christopher Reeve said, “It comes down to us. We have the power to make an enormous difference.

Your voice matters. Act now to protect the PRC!


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    As an advocate for the Reeve Foundation and the PRC, I not only peer mentor but also serve as a Regional Champion.  A Regional Champion contacts their legislators concerning federal legislation that impacts the disabled community.  I live in Washington state and my federal legislators are Representative Suzan DelBene, Senator Cantwell and Senator Murray.  I visited Rep. DelBene's office this past Monday and met with one of her staffers.  Rep. DelBene has agreed to sign on to the letter of support for the $8.7 million in federal funding of which $7.7 million goes to the PRC.  It is very powerful when a person such as myself visits a legislator's office.  I am not some paid lobbyist asking for something that has no impact on me but rather a person in a wheelchair that pending legislation has a direct impact.  I encourage any of you out there to get involved with contacting your legislators.  You are a powerful voice.  Better yet, making a personal visit to a member Congress carries tremendous weight.  
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    I heard back from my Congressman that I contacted.He shared personal situations with me, and pledged his continued support as it hit home in his own family.

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    That is awesome that you reached out and got a positive response.  As back home constituents, we wield power.  Never be shy about reaching out.  
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