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Full Length Leg Braces vs. Sleep

Monica.T Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
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A few months ago the Ortho Doc & Physical Therapists added (ultra flex) full length leg braces to Charlie's routine - The goal is to wear them for 8 hours every night; Charlie is very spastic! The braces help stretch and straighten the legs, we were told it's a form of non-invasive therapy. So, we began as instructed, 2 hours a night for a week, increasing that by 2 hours each following week ... Charlie wore them but complained, cried and his spasms got worse; he was barely sleeping any at all, he was nodding off at school (from lack of sleep) and so the therapist suggested wearing them during the day. I confess I didn't make him wear them to school, plus never quit figured out how to get him into his wheelchair with them on. Instead, after school, he'd wear them while seated in his wide-armed desk chair ... But, this created the beginnings of pressure sores on the back of his thighs. So after those healed (a few weeks ago) we have been instructed to once again try wearing them at night. I want to do what the doctors say but wish to avoid adding nightly sleeping pills to Charlie's list of meds. I'm just not sure he can tolerate the braces without pain meds, increasing his flexeril and adding a sleeping med; all of which I hope to avoid doing. (The braces also trigger more and stronger spasms than usual but once they come off his legs do seem more relaxed, at least for a while. Not sure the draw-backs are worth the benefits.)  Anyone else wear therapy braces? Any suggestions for making this work?


  • deborahvick
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    I can understand the frustrations. I have full leg braces that I am supposed to wear from the moment i wake as well as a back one. However, though a detriment to my body, do move around without always wearing them.

    As for relaxing there are a couple of mediative means i use as do my children. Let me know if your interested. It works wonder on my son with ADHD.
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  • Monica.T
    Monica.T Member Posts: 105 ✭✭
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    deborahvick Thank you. Getting my son to relax is a big issue, all this is still so overwhelming and frustrating for him.