What is the one piece of equipment you couldn't live without?

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Hey All - Brooke here

We recently did a poll on our private WAGS of SCI Facebook discussion group about the one thing us and our partners couldn't live without (besides the wheelchair, commode, and medical supplies necessary for our partners to live daily life).

If was interesting and informative. We received so many comments!

Here are the top results from our WAGS of SCI ladies:

- Automatic/Remote control power Door Openers
- ALEXA by Amazon 
- MVI wheelchair car
- Portable hand controls
- King sized pillow top bed
- God/faith
- Smart Drive and Freewheel attachments
- Cell Phone/Smart Watch and voice control features
- Automatic Light Controls and home automation
- An Over-the-bed table
- Daily devotional/inspirational books
- Wheelchair Water Bottle attachment
- A Dog!
- Batec Bike attachment
- Portable Ramps
- Split King Adjustable Bed
- Viagra
- Sliding board
- A sturdy grabbing device
- Velcro pieces
- Active Hands gloves 
- Laughter

Do you have anything to add to this list?
Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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    This is a great list. Thanks for sharing it.

    Anyone have anything to add?

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    I couldn't live without my JB3 leg bag draining device! It is the only reason I can be on my own for hours on end. It allows me to be able to drain my pee bag independently! 

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