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How do I figure a Base-Line blood pressure?

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While Charlie was in Rehab they figured his Base-Line Blood Pressure, that was 18 months ago. Charlie is having a bladder function test done in mid-April and the paperwork says he needs a current BLBP, that as his pain and condition have improved his base-line numbers will need to be based on his current health condition. (His old numbers were recorded while he was still recovering from back surgery and was in a lot of pain, so the numbers are pretty high.) The hospital said we will need to present his new Base-Line Blood Pressure so they can monitor him throughout the hour long procedure for signs of Autonomic Dysreflexia.


  • Monica.T
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    This info may help someone else :

    You will need five to seven well days (no fevers or illness) as pain free as possible.

    Each day , as close as possible to the same time each day, take a blood pressure reading - on the left arm, while sitting upright.

    Take the pressure reading 3-5 times each day / and / write down the numbers.

    At the end of the seven days - the blood pressure reading you get most often will be your base-line number.

    *You probably won't ever get the same number twice, but the numbers should be close enough to figure out the baseline number.

    example : most of my sons top numbers were in the 120s range

    while his bottom numbers were in the upper-70s range

    giving him a baseline blood pressure of 124 over 77


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    Hi, Monica!
    That is very helpful information.
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    Update : the Urodynamic Test went really well. Charlie did great, only two bladder spasms during the test and only one mild leg spasm.

    We learned that Charlie's bladder can only hold 230cc of urine, then it's full. We will now begin cath-ing at least six times a day, more if needed. His Urologist said cathing more often should help with the repeated UTIs.

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