Assistance devices for getting up off the floor?

Is assistance with getting up from the floor a thing? I see a lot of commentary about standing frames, but actually what we need is something that could help lift my husband off the floor. He does a lot of things that involve wires and plugging things in and I get asked to crawl around on his behalf a lot. One of the times he broke his leg was when he was getting out of his chair to sit on the floor. Also he occasionally falls out of his chair (usually if he spasms while transferring). He's fallen three times outside - two calls to first responders and one lucky break with a helpful neighbor.
For falls at home, he can get far enough back onto his chair that we can then wheel him to the sofa, transfer him there, then fully back to his chair. But we don't always have that available, and with both of us getting older, it becomes harder each time. He's too big for me to lift and can't lift himself entirely back onto his chair.Suggestions?

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    I have a hoyer lift that we have used for this same reason. I am always a lift transfer, so we also use it when we travel. I have a built in ceiling lift in my bedroom.

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