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Frustrated over waiting for an appointment.

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The last week of March Charlie began to develop a pressure sore along the inside crease of his groin, I called the Wound Care Clinic and was informed that he needed a new referral from his PCP because it had been six months since our last visit. Finally got the referral, called Wound Care back (April 1st) and was told their first available opening was April 15th. By April 4th, left with no other choice and a now open wound (pressure ulcer) we went to the ER, where he received antibiotic cream - which worked wonders, the wound began to heal and finally closed up two days ago. So after more than two weeks in bed (nude) , finally had the Wound Care appointment today. They said it was healing nicely and gave him more cream to put on it. Said it was most likely caused by sweat and friction. It was basically a rip down the skin on the inside of his upper thigh (right beside his privates).

So great, he got the okay to start wearing clothes again - but only white, loose fitting 100% cotton underwear from now on.

I am grateful for the Wound Care Clinic but frustrated that it took 2 weeks to get seen!

Oh, We were also told that there is a great sweat absorbing cloth, "wicker cloth but "it's very expensive" - So I asked the doc if cloth cotton diapers (cut to size) would work - She said "Yes. Great idea".

Tomorrow I'm going shopping for 100% cotton cloth baby diapers.

April 15th 2019

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