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Tendon Release Surgery ?

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Months after his SCI Charlie's legs were so spastic that his heels were pressed up firmly against his butt! The Orthopedic Surgeon did a partial tendon release surgery that helped a great deal; now Charlie's legs are still bent at the knees but not as badly as before, it's like he's always in a sitting position even when laying on his back his knees are still drawn up. And he still has spasms. On Charlie's last visit the surgeon mentioned the possibility of Charlie having full tendon release surgery .... I've looked into this and while the outcome seems fairly good for spastic leg muscles ; it could also result in floppy legs (which the doc also mentioned). We actually use Charlie's stiff legs to his advantage with transfers, if his legs were completely floppy he wouldn't be able to put any weight bearing on them at all.

Has anyone else had the full tendon release surgery, if so; what were the results?

Possible pros & cons involved :


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