Transitioning from Pediatric into Adult care . . . Any advice?

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We are about to be thrown into utter chaos!

Charlie has reached the age where we are required to transition from pediatric to adult care. All his doctors, specialists and therapists (that know him, know his history and his needs) are pediatric physicians. Now we have to begin the nightmare of finding all new doctors (for adult patients).

So far this is what I'm being told I have to do. Get POA & M-PoA, check insurance restrictions and coverage and find new doctors.

Step #1 I am required to obtain a Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney. 

Step #2 Spend hours on the phone with his Insurance trying to figure out what will and won't be covered now.

Step #3 Have find him a new Primary Care Doctor, Orthopedic MD, Neurologists, Urologist, Cardiologist, GI specialist and new Therapists; along with a new Eye doctor and Dentist. - that will take his Insurance and accept special needs, disabled patients.    { Hope to find local doctors but not counting on it. }

Any suggestions or helpful advice on how to begin to navigate this nightmare?

I'm really dreading this and am worried about new doctors not understanding (or caring about) Charlie's medical, physical, and personal needs.


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