Siblings as Caregivers

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If you're a sibling who plays a role in caregiving, what kind of support would you like to have? What kind of feelings do you struggle with in your role? Do you have any advice for other siblings who might be caregivers?


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    I care for my 24 yr old son who is paralyzed from a car accident 3 months ago,it has been a challenge I do everything for him but I feel over whelmed at times hes angry he seems depressed I have tried to get him help but he refuses he says hes fine we have had many complications blood clots in lungs,pressure sores on heels, multiple UTI's and right now we are dealing with C Diff from antibiotics it is terrible he feels even worst he has diarrhea all day he doesnt want to get out of bed, I need to know how to motivate him how to make him see that being alive is amazing and that things will get better we are also having issues with bowel program.
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