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#ReeveSeeUs The Bridgman Family

We are Chris and Jennifer Bridgman. When my husband crashed his dirt bike and became a T10 para back in 2010, we had been married for less than a year and were weeks from welcoming our first child. We knew nothing about paralysis or how profoundly our lives had just been altered, but we vowed to one another in that hospital room that we would face the future together—no matter what. Adjusting to life with SCI was incredibly tough, but Chris never lost his fighting spirit, hopeful outlook or wicked sense of humor. Many people have commented how challenging it must’ve been to become parents at the exact same time Chris became paralyzed, but parenthood has been our greatest joy and motivator. Now blessed with three sons (all of whom learned to walk by holding onto the back of Daddy’s chair), our lives are rich in adventure, love and gratitude. Our day-to-day concerns largely mirror the average family living down the street. Our three “Rays of Sonshine” remind us each day to live in the moment and keep pushing forward. Chris is the most devoted husband and the most hands-on, loving father imaginable. There is nothing he can’t do in his sons’ eyes. He is proof that a person’s physical capabilities are the least important factors in what makes a good partner or parent. He is a family man, role model, son, brother, uncle and friend to many. He is a hard-working mortgage loan officer, an athlete, a thrill-seeker and a true romantic. Chris inspires so many in our community, and his life is defined by his character—not his injury. I’m so proud to be by Chris’ side wherever we go. #ReeveSeeUs #TeamReeve 


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    Happy 12th Blessed Anniversary 🎉

    My name is Tina Vogel, 37 years old

    Twelve years ago today, life as I knew it, changed forever...

    But since then, I’ve become a more confident person with an outlook & sense of adventure I never had before the then-devastating injury that fractured my skull & paralyzed my spine which changed my ability to walk & be seen at everyone’s eye level. 

    One of my favorite quotes to live by: “This journey I’m on in life brings out the best in me!”

    Today, I’m working to change & improve the lives of others for the better as a Speech-Language Pathologist.  Moving forward since the tragic accident on April 30, 2007, which happened when I fell from an opened second story window after losing my balance after demonstrating a yoga pose.

    But two years later, I was determined to return to work & since then have moved from Louisville, KY, where it all happened, to Colorado Springs, CO.
    I told myself, my wheelchair “Maria” will not set boundaries for me during my life endeavors.  I believe in the power of positive thinking & a daily quote has kept me going “Never Give Up, Push On...”

    Luckily, I have been able to participate in adventurous sporting events such as: Wheelchair Racing @ Ky Derby Mini-Marathon in Louisville, KY; 10K BolderBoulder in Boulder, CO; 10K Peach Tree Race in Atlanta, GA; & Rock-n-Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ; Adaptive Rock Climbing; Hand-Cycling events; & Dragon-boat Racing.  These endeavors have kept me living a healthy & happy lifestyle. 

    “Life is way more fulfilling to be an inspiration to many, which has changed my whole life.  I’m going to thank God for putting me on this path in Life.  I am going to walk again & I will never regret having to live in a paralysis state.  It has been life-changing for the better!”

    My advice I would give to another person living with paralysis is that boundaries CAN be broken/overcome; your life in a chair CAN be rewarding/inspiring.
    Let’s show the world we are HANDI-CAPABLE & we deserve to be SEEN.  # ReeveSeeUs. Tina Vogel ([email protected])