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Reeve See Us: We are hard to miss :)

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If you lived in our small town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, you would know we Krills thrive in an environment rich in outdoor adventure, humor, love, and family.  I met my husband Geoff, a T7-8 para, on the soccer field when I was coaching and needed help with goalkeeping instruction.  A mutual friend introduced us almost 15 years ago, and we have built our life together ever since, instilling in our young children the belief that lives filled with challenge, friendship, and enthusiasm are essential to happiness.  We shared our first kiss in the front of a 1973 convertible Chevy Caprice.  We shared our passion for teaching and sporting-- our kids learned to ski anywhere on the hill and ride bikes without training wheels before they turned three because that's what Daddy does.  They believe days are meant to be outside playing badminton, slip and sliding, and swimming, and kicking soccer balls, and tree climbing, and skateboarding, and fishing, and sledding and waterskiing because that's what Daddy does.  Well, they will agree that he isn't very good at climbing trees, kicking soccer balls or skateboarding because his legs are paralyzed, but that doesn't stop him from facilitating these activities with them-- or supporting them when they fall, get scraped, bleed, and cry.  "Try again," he tells them, the most patient person I've ever met, "I'm right here if you need me."  And he is.  We are, but the kids will say I yell more, and they are not wrong.  They sling shot their Daddy while holding hands in our neighborhood in the same way that adults often swing their children between them while walking.  When you see my husband, you are first drawn in by his blue eyes and dimples-- not the wheelchair.  When you see our love together, you will remember the laughter-- even in less than ideal situations.  When you see him at his work in Eastern Adaptive Sports in the summer months helping FAMILIES to find normalcy in outdoor recreation around lakes and mountains, you will say, "That guy is doing the work he was born to do."  When you see him at the beach, he will likely be covered in sand like a battered shrimp, which he hates, but agrees to go because the rest of us love the waves.  When you see us with our friends, siblings, and parents, you will note their awesomeness in helping us to access all the places we want to reach.  When you see him in the winter, he runs the training program at Loon Mountain for able bodied ski instructors as a member of the National Professional Ski Instructors of America.  He spends countless days on airplanes traveling to other mountains as a consultant to improve their adaptive ski instruction, in addition to cycling and waterskiing.  When you see us-- truly see us-- coming in your direction, be warned.  We may invite you (and we are very persuasive) on an adventure somewhere beautiful, somewhere outdoors, and somewhere your kids will make a memory of time spent with family.  See our hope.  See our smiles.  See our humor.  See our strength. And when challenges seem insurmountable, we see your stories too and that makes all the difference.  #ReeveSeeUs @heatherkrill1


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    beautiful words, story and family. Love how you guys stay active and engaged as a family. True role models for our community! - Brooke 
    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
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