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Band pain

lrwhitelrwhite Posts: 1Member
I have an incomplete spinal injury. I've been out of the hospital for 3 months I am able to stand and walk with a platform Walker. In rehab when I first tried to stand they hook me up with a harness, hooked to a cable in the ceiling to keep me from falling as I tried to walk. The harness went from my knees all the way up to my shoulders. I say this to describe what I feel now I feel like the harness is still on when obviously it is not. After I stand up and try to use my platform Walker I feel very hard in about a 7 inch wide path down my back through my tail down my legs and around and below my knees. That's why I call it band pain it feels like bands of tightness around me. Lately it is extended to small band across my chest and across my abdomen. To describe the sensation it would be like taking a small tourniquet and tightening it down around my body. These are all individual bands the one of my back the one around my abdomen my chest my knees are individual and can be effective one at a time or all together. I have not found anyone that has had this or can help me with it. I don't know if this is nerve pain or how to address it. Has anyone experienced this if so I would love to know how you found a way around it?


  • JHPRCJHPRC Posts: 28Moderator, Information Specialist Information Specialist
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    I am not familiar with this type of pain, but I did want to link to our pain management document which may give you some options the manage it better.

    It may also be helpful to consult with a physiatrist or rehabilitation doctor to see if they can offer any advice since many are familiar with spinal cord injury and its secondary complications. 

    There is also a helpful nursing advice line offered through Craig Hospital, these nurses are available to answer non-emergent questions related to SCI. To reach a nurse call: 800-247-0257 or 303-789-8508.


  • LyndapLyndap Posts: 1Member
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    I am about three years out from my sci.  I'm paralysed from the hips down.  For probably the first two years I also had "band" discomfort.  Mine felt like a cinch was pulled tight around my lower abdomen.  It wasn't painful, but very uncomfortable, and the discomfort increased the more tired I was.  Eventuall the "cinch" loosened and I mostly felt it at night when I was most tired.  I've just had a couple abdomenable surgeries and the cinch is back.  Lower down the belly and into the tops of my thighs.  I'm hoping it will disappear eventually also.  Hope this gives you some encouragement.
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