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Having a parent with Parkinson's/ Deep Brain Stimulation surgery

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Parkinson's has been a huge part of our lives for almost 20 years. 

My mum, adopted my sister and I from Russian at the age of eight. She had never married, was a school teacher and took on adoption of two children on her own. She was diagnosed when were were just in grade four, I write this as an adult of 32 years. 

I have always been at the forefront of my mum's care. Her Parkinson's has progressed to a point that she spends almost every weekend at the emergency. She is incapable of getting a good nights rest as Levadopa controls her life and must be taken every couple hours like clock work. I have watched my parents disintegrate into this disease; the bulging eyeballs, the flat facial effect, inability to move independently...let's talk about self care. It's heart breaking feeling like a bystander watching this all fall apart in front of your eyes. After my partner's Spinal Cord Injury in Decemebr of 2017, things really hit rock bottom for my mom. She lives a 5 hours drive from our city and taking on these visits can become overwhelming to say the least. Not because its difficult to see her this way, but because she is grasping onto every big of independence she has left. I get it. I cannot imagine what that must feel like and I don't pretend to. But, when do we as children have the right to intervene? In a perfect world, she would allow me to create a care system for her in a proper home with nursing staff by her side. I am praying that this year will open some positive changes and doors. 

She has undergone 2 spinal surgeries and 1 Deep Brain Stimulation. Has anyone else had any positive outcomes with DBS? I would love to hear some words of encouragement or even your experiences with Deep Brain Stimulation. 

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