TSA Security Screening

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I've flown over 100 times since I've been injured & typically have a reasonable experience. But recently I had a negative experience where the TSA agent threatened to not let me through, told me I was acting like a 2 year old and was asking me to do things that I was physically unable to do. There seems to be inconsistency with the screening process across the United State How do you handle TSA screenings & pat downs? What are our rights and how can we make the screening process more universal across the country? 


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    When traveling with my brother, I've noticed all airports are different. The worst he was ever treated was at PDX in Portland, Oregon. They almost made us late for our flight because they were busy patting him head to toe. He always gets asked if he "can stand up at all." So at PDX, one officer literally held him in the air while the other pat him down, and his pants started to fall down a bit. My mom rushed into grab them, and they shouted at her to "step away." One time when he was a child, he was taken into a private room because they were convinced he had illegal chemicals in his shoes. Recently in Savannah, though, he had the most chill TSA experience yet. They did their jobs without seriously invading his privacy, carried on a real conversation with him throughout, and didn't cast any judgment. I've always been curious as to why every airport is different.
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