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heelahipheelahip Member Posts: 2
I am nurse in the health care industry for 35 years with a National specialty/certification in Preventing Pressure ulcers, and Ostomy and Incontinence skin care for 22 years.  So,  about 10 years ago I struggled to provide heel offloading to a client who had received 'bad care' with 'good intent'.  Getting creative I started carving foam with a #10 blade from a wheel chair cushion to help elderly patient.  This obviously lead to the development of Heelahip, which has been being sold by Performance Health for the past 6 years.  Over that time,  I have been personally helping people and providing heelahip to support and assist with Leg Spasms especially at night.  Accepting suggestions from patients with paralysis, we narrowed heelahip to a max width of 9" to provide leg support not only when Back lying but also Side lying.                                     http://www.spasticlegs.com       or        www.heelahip.com
My interest is to let this group know there is a new product which can help support spasms when sleeping.             Thank you!


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