Job Ideas For Quads With Limited Arm/Hand Function

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Hi All!

We wanted to make a list of some jobs that are great for Quads who have limited use of their hands and arms (if at all)

Has anyone had success working online from home? Would love to hear your ideas and insights from your own experiences or someone you know's experiences. 


Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)


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    The Reeve Foundation’s webinar “Transitioning Success: Reentering the Workforce After Disability” is available at:

    Feel free to contact the PRC for additional information and resources.

    Kathy, Information Specialist.
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    One thing I plan on doing one day is drop shipping. Probably more as a side hussle than full time job, but it can be full time. Basically what it is, is selling products on ebay that you buy on amazon. The great thing about it is you dont have to buy anything until you get paid. There are all sorts of videos and info that tells step by step guides on how to get started. If you can work a computer it can be done. There hasn't been a better time to be a quad!
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    That sounds like a pretty good idea @Sterlion

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