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What are every day household chores that seem to give you trouble?

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I was just doing some chores around the house today and was thinking about how many different tricks I have learned over the last few years and am still learning today. As a pretty high functioning para, I feel like I have found a trick or a way to do about everything that I need to do around the house when it comes to cleaning and tidying up or doing laundry and such. My partner and I do a great job of dividing tasks and conquering these chores around the house that every person has to deal with whether you are disabled or not.

The one thing that I just cannot seem to figure out, no matter what I do is gathering and taking out garbage. By using a manual wheelchair, i am constantly getting frustrated with how awkward boxes or big trash bags are to maneuver to the garage. Sometimes I even seem to create a larger mess for myself than when I started. It may not be so bad but sometimes you are dealing with messy things that you may not want to touch or even be in close contact with, so setting it on your lap is a last resort option. Are theres any daily chores that you deal with from day to day? What are some tricks or tips you may have for taking out the trash or any other chore that you have found works for you?
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