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Introduction of myself

In a few songs by the Beatles , they used to introduce themselves , so pick  your lyric and you have my introduction. I grew up in N.J. , not far from where Christopher Reeve grew up and in the same time period. I am about a year younger than he. I know he has passed, but is very much alive due to his great push in his last 10 years of his life ! Had he been a lower level injury, likely he would still be alive today. I have been injured since age 27, back in 1981.  In May 1995 I wrote to his brother Ben Reeve and I am sure I was one of many. It was a get well and look into curing paralysis letter. My real name is Daniel A. Thomson , but I usually use the name Paul  Dudd. So at age 65, I still feel okay for a c-5--c-6 level injury . I take no pride in being injured. I have been engaged to the same girl for 35 years now and we keep a mutual agreement ''only to marry if we walk our wedding aisle'' ! To most it sounds weird, so I refer to her as my wife or sometimes ex-wife. The most amazing miracle , we keep in touch, her in Japan and me in the U.S.A.. An interesting love, being the history and differences between our two countries. I miss wood working the most , 2nd automotive mechanic work and 3rd , salt water fishing. For fun, I miss simple things, doing favors for people, wrestling my dog, shooting backyard hoops, pool , horse shoes , bicycling, archery and bird hunting. Also ease of traveling  and cheering up a friend that is down.  One last thing , I got a life long education being injured and met a few different kind of a genius people I would have never met had I not been paralyzed.