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Reevesee iAccess!

bmw937bmw937 Member Posts: 5
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My journey to where I am now, starts 11 years ago. I grew up racing motocross and traveled the country as a teenager pursuing my dreams of becoming a professional motocross racer. Just 4 years into chasing my dreams I was injured in a race. I broke my back clean through at my T7. This was a major change in lifestyle and left me to rediscover my own identity. I wanted my life to go back to being as normal as possible. I went on adventures to new places with friends, rode jet-skis and started competing nationally in kart racing. While I was travelling, I faced a lot of inconsistency with accessibility. There would be places that I could get into but wouldn’t be able to fit in the bathroom. I started to wonder why we didn’t have information like this at the tip of our fingers, allowing us to know before we go.

One day it came to me, I needed to develop a mobile application that would be the YELP of accessibility. I had no idea where to start or what I was even getting myself into, all I knew is that I would figure it out one way or another. After many failures and lessons iAccess Innovations was born. I was introduced to  my Co-Founder Sayeed Mehrjerdian, who has been instrumental in getting us off the ground and we are now happy to announce that our mobile application, “iAccess Life” is now in Android and iOS stores.

This application will currently allow users with mobility impairments, as well as advocates, to rate and review locations based on their accessibility. Our plan is to roll out features as we grow, that allow our users to find accessible sports, travel accommodations and social events in their area. Right now we are getting ready to announce our launch in Atlanta with a party and will spread out to a new city every quarter. If you’re interested in keeping up with what we are doing, you can follow us on our social platforms or visit www.iaccess.life. We also have a brand ambassador program that allows you to win cash and other prizes for your contributions to the app. We encourage everyone to sign up for this!

Our goal for iAccess is to provide a community with a tool that encourages them to have fun and seek new adventures stress free. We want everyone to feel comfortable as they go out and Access Life!

You can follow along with my journey via:

Instagram: bmw937

Facebook: facebook.com/bwin937


  • JTc6JTc6 Member Posts: 2
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    What a great idea. I was injured in 2004 and by 2006 I was working for my local independent living center. We were new and one of my first projects was the Tourism Accessibility Project. I live in the Adirondack Park of New York State. We started with restaurants in the Tri-Lake  area. I had been a chef so this was right upp my alley. We assessed parking, entrance, and bathrooms. Lake Placid ( home of the 1980 Olympic Games is part of that. Unfortunately the project fell on deaf ears and corruption plagued the organization.
    Now I am an outreach coordinator for a unique accessible campground. Check it out International Paper John Dillon Park. Maybe we could get into your network?
  • bmw937bmw937 Member Posts: 5
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    @JTc6 that is awesome! Definitely would love to hear more about it. Reach out to me at [email protected]

  • heatherkrillheatherkrill Moderator Posts: 60 Moderator
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    One of the aspects I love best about this Reeve Connect Community is hearing about people's personal initiatives with problem solving.  Thank you for developing this app.  We live in NH and can't wait for this to become more widespread.  I write a lot of letters to local businesses about improving their accessibility for our family and others like ours-- but an app like that allows true independence.  Thank you! 
  • bmw937bmw937 Member Posts: 5
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    @heatherkrill thank you! It takes all of us coming together to make a change! You can currently download the app for iOS and Android we are close to 1800 locations rated and reviewed around the world (35+ states/12+ countries). I definitely hope you consider downloading to help pave the way for others down the road or just to find a new spot for a date night :). Look forward to you joining the team!
  • garrisonreddgarrisonredd Moderator Posts: 153 Moderator
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    hi @bmw937 that is awesome I will download the app as well so I can rate some of the venues I visit.

  • bmw937bmw937 Member Posts: 5
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    @garrisonredd that would be awesome and very appreciated man. Look forward to seeing your reviews pop up in the database!
  • garrisonreddgarrisonredd Moderator Posts: 153 Moderator
    25 Awesomes 25 Likes 10 Comments First Anniversary
    will do @bmw937

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