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Home Insurance when you have expensive equipment

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Hello! My husband and I have home owners insurance to cover ourselves should something happen. We have a great policy that covers pretty much everything, but - when we added my hubby's equipment (his FES bike, wheelchairs, standing frame.. pretty much all his stuff) the insurance policy payment went up by literally $75 a month.

The insurance agent said that it is because of the cost of the devices (some as expensive as a small car) but, do YOU think its ok to charge someone MORE insurance premiums per month just because they NEED these devices to live? 

Does anyone else have experience with this? Do you think this is right? I find this should be the same as airlines - they dont change for baggage that you need to live. I understand that insurance companies are insurance companies (and need to make money).. but there MUSt be a better way!

Thanks so much!
Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)
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