Exercising with Paralysis

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How do you stay physically active while living with paralysis? What kinds of adaptive exercises do you use to stay fit? We want to hear what people with varying levels of mobility or injury have to say!


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    My husband is a C7 quad and he does strength training on arms, shoulders and core working with a trainer mostly using bands.  He normally spends his day in a powerchair and uses his manual chair for exercise on the weekends.  Before his accident in July 2017, he was an avid cyclists, so the goal is to get him back in the saddle with a custom Top-End hand cycle.
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    I am a t-12 and I powerlift, swim, use a handcycle, and I also race a pushrim wheelchair. I typically go to the gym 6times per week.
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    A bit like garrisonred above but without the power lifting! I walk my dog a good 5/6 miles a day as we both love our early morning walks, I handcycle, I have the rollers for training set up all winter in the greenhouse. I play basketball, kayak, I stand.. that's a work out! I use my stander to do stuff.. so I'm not just on my phone or reading usually! If I've nothing to do, I use weights or the powerball gyro. We like long distance trails.. that we backpack on. We're planning our summer 10 day hike now. And of course all day walks! I like to tow my chair behind my bike, that gives me more time out and lets me get the shopping etc. I'm not a sit down watch tv person. It gets put on for a film, that's about it. I like being outside, muddy, on the beach, or in the garden. My garden has our  greenhouse, veg patch and chickens... they all. Red looking after!  It's just about keeping active! If you filll your life with active interests, you'll just stay very active! A few le creuset pans in the kitchen too! A good cast iron skillet makes the best of your freshly made pizzas. ;) I'm just the sort of person that makes everything into a challenge! :) 
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