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Why am I invisible?

iamdadmaniamdadman Moderator Posts: 195 Moderator
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I don't normally get on here and rant but today I am going to make an exception.  I went to my granddaughter's high school graduation this past weekend.  It was held in a large hall and well over a 1000 people were in attendance.  Needless to say the place was crowded but not overly so.  
What I want to discuss is how able bodied people view/treat those of us in wheelchairs.  I felt like I was invisible!  When I went to use the restroom, trying to navigate was nearly impossible.  People just walk right in front of you, cut in front of you and in general treat you as if you are not even there.  I don't like to be repeatedly saying "excuse me" every 5-10 seconds to get people out of the way but man it is so frustrating.  People will stand in walkways that I suppose able bodied people will be able to get by but not those of us in wheelchairs. 
Then when I get to the restroom with its "one" accessible stall and of course someone is in there.  So I wait...and wait... and of course when the toilet flushes and the man comes out he is perfectly able bodied.  I used to not say anything and either give them a "death stare" or quietly plotting their death but I don't stay silent anymore.  So, I tell the man that he just used the only accessible stall in the men's room and he said it was the only one available.  Well, this pissed me off even more so I asked him that if all the parking spaces were taken at the mall, we he think it okay to use a handicap parking space?  When he didn't answer and looked at me with this dumb look on his face, I said, regardless of whether the other stalls were being used, you, unlike me, can hold it where as I cannot.  He had no response.  This is not the first time this has happened to me and it's always the same tired excuse, the other stalls were being used.  I am so fed up with it.  I am not a second class citizen just because I am paralyzed.    
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