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Hole found in colon

pmesslingpmessling Member Posts: 1
I am looking for help my husband is a C5/6 complete quadriplegic 
When I was doing his bowel program I felt a small hole near his rectal opening. He had a Ct and MRI completed which led to a loop colostomy. A 8cm x 3cm opening was found that leads to his tailbone. The colorectal doctor is unsure of how to repair at this time. The infection did not each his bone. He is on IV antibiotic at home as well as oral.

Has anyone had to heal an internal   Fistula/hole/abscess or whatever this started as???


  • AskNurseLindaAskNurseLinda Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 143 Information Specialist
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    Hi, @pmessling, I happened across your post. Anal fistulas are fairly uncommon but with higher incidence in those with spinal cord injury due to the nature of bowel programs.  I did find this link about anal fistulas. https://www.fascrs.org/patients/disease-condition/abscess-and-fistula-expanded-information
    Note this is general information that might not apply to your husband but you will have some questions that you can ask his doctors. (The link will not connect, so you will need to copy/paste, sorry)
    As far as nursing issues, be sure to use water soluble lubricant during the bowel program. Other lubricants will clog the fistula and create more problems. Do a gentle digital stimulation. All of our bodies produces gas and tiny amounts of leakage so the area needs to be cleaned fairly often.
    I am sure you are doing all of these things but I comment only as a reminder. It is always great to find such caring people like you. Nurse Linda

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