What are some of the interesting hacks you created?

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Please share with us some of your more interesting life hacks


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    Hi everyone! I have a few inexpensive, but useful, hacks to share that help with dexterity and reaching issues.  

     I use zippered padded wrist sweatbands to carry very small items during the day (added a D ring to the zipper) and the padding inside protects  the items if I drop them.  The bands can be worn or pulled over a wheelchair part or even tossed into a wheelchair bag/net.    I also use wall hooks for larger things I need to get during the day so I can get them as I roll by which saves me time looking around for things or stuff accidentally being put out of my reach -headphones, bags, coats, reachers, for example.  I can grab things with my arms if they're at the right height and don't drop them, unlike trying to pull at stuff with fingers that don't work.  In my bathroom I hung a wicker basket (with a handle) off a soap dish holder and put some items in that which my caregivers and I need easy access to.  Since we had to remove the bathroom sink so my wheelchair fits, I keep disposable body washcloths in there.  

     In my kitchen I have a revolving snack center (two tiered) that I leave items on for when caregivers aren't around - this makes for easy to get food. I also have a two tiered lazy Susan in the corner of my kitchen which makes it much easier to get at stuff than cabinets and holds a lot of things.  

    hoping to find out what everyone else's hacks are :) 

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    Top Life hacks - things I have learned over the years when dealing with a partner who has a high C level injury:

    - be aware of your emotions. Practice journalling, mediation and self awareness. These are the only things that will help you to be accountable to your own feelings and moods.
    - take time for self care. No matter what your situation, the mind and body NEEDS time spent to rejuvenate and clear itself to help you live your best life. Prioritize self care for at least 10 mins per day to ensure that you are giving your mind and body time to relax. Whatever that means to you, make it a "no cancellation" appointment with yourself and follow through no matter how exhausted you are.
    - spend time with ONLY people who make you feel good. No matter what. Say NO when you need to for your own mental health
    - remind yourself every day that your ONLY job in life is to be present, and be as close to mental peace as you can. I know this is easier said than done, but working toward your own mental and emotional goals - however small - is all you can really do in life.

    - Brooke (WAGS of SCI)
    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
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    My brother attached key rings to his boot zippers so he can get them on easily and by himself! For reference on his hand function, his level is C6/C7. If anyone needs help visualizing this, I can ask him for a picture and share it here.
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    Becoming a mother in a wheelchair  felt like everything I did was a hack. But the biggest trick for he early newborn stage was having a body wrap for the baby so I could keep my newborn secure while still navigating my wheelchair, cooking, transferring etc. 
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