What coverage do YOU have?

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Hello :)

I am very interested to see and hear about what insurance everyone has and what they are covered for. Some things to consider when answering:
  • Do you have private insurance? 
  • Are you covered by the government plan? 
  • Are you reliant on workers compensation or auto insurance? 
  • Do you have nursing and care covered by insurance or your healthcare plan or do you pay out of pocket? 
  • Does your partner (If you have one) receive funding or extra money for being a caregiver?
I guess your responses will depend on HOW you go injured, but I would love to create a thread about who gets covered by what and if its effective. I would also love to know your frustrations with your current coverage (if you have any) and what you think could be changed. 

Elena and I are interested in doing more policy lobbying for insurance and government when it comes to caregiver compensation. This would help us tremendously to know how everyone is covered and what works/doesnt

Thank you
Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)
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