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Change The Way You Look At Things And The Things You Look At Change

WAGSofSCIWAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 384 Moderator
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How many of you out there have had huge perspective shifts that have changed or altered the course of your reality?

I am not speaking about the perspective change that comes after sustaining a spinal cord injury. We all know how much that changes you deeply, and assigns you a new outlook on life. You see things totally different than post injury. Whether it happens immediately, or years post injury, Im sure most of us dealign with SCI can relate to the fact that perspective change or shift is everything.

What I write about now is a perspective shift that comes on how you view your life POST spinal cord injury, and the things that happen around you after the day your life changed forever. Have any of you had any radical epiphanies that have helped you move forward, or onward with your life in a more meaningful way?

We struggle as leaders in this community sometimes with others who are "stuck" in their mentalities, and use their external circumstances as a reason not to shift their perspective. For us, we believe that the way you look at things changes the way things appear.. based on everyone's different view of the world. We believe you have a choice of how you handle things in your life - you can see them as burdens, or you can see them as learning experiences to help you in life. This is OUR experience and perspective, and its our job as moderators to respect everyone else's process and opinion - while helping to guide them if they need advice. 

People struggle sometimes for years or lifetimes thinking the same thoughts, doing the same things, and not taking any accountability for their situations. This is up to each individual, and each person's process is unique to them and their choice. 

I guess what we are asking is - is there an example of a thought process or situation that you changed JUST by consciously choosing to change your perspective on things?

This is a loaded question but definitely worth talking about. 

- Brooke 
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  • ZcollieZcollie Moderator Posts: 228 Moderator
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    I love this question. I really had to think about it before I answered. It took me a while to consciously do this, but now I view my disability as a positive rather than something that negatively changed the course of my life. It does suck at times and it is hard living a life confined to a wheelchair. My injury did alter the course of my life, but I have accomplished and done so many amazing things BECAUSE of my accident. I have a lot of great things in my life right now I would not have had my accident never happened. I know for some people it will take a long time to get to this point and some never will. I believe because of our SCI we are unique. We stand out, we affect people more than the average person, and leave an impact on others whether it is negative or positive. People always tell me how positive and inspiring I am despite everything I have been through. It is nice to hear all of those things, but I am just being who I really am. When dealing with a SCI it is so much easier to look at everything it took away. It is a lot harder to look at what we still have and can do. Plus I feel like their are more negatives than positives, but the positives always outweigh the bad in my experience. We have been given a change to leave a stronger impact on the world because of our chair and that is what I believe and focus on. Not sure if this answered your question haha. 
    Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. -SONIA RICOTTI
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