What is considered a normal sex life after SCI?

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Hello WAGS and gents

"Normal" can mean different things for every couple, especially after a spinal cord injury. You find your new personal normals, and the same can be said for a sex life.

Sex, from the perspective of a WAG of SCI is different not only for our partners, but for us post SCI. It takes more planning, and more often than not, takes a LOT of effort from both parties to get figured out. It takes a lot of practice and sometimes, myself included, we are just too dang tired at the end of the day to do what we need to do for sex to happen.

Finding a new normal sex life can be daunting, and some couples do not even establish that connection again because it seems hopeless. 

There are different ways - as we all know - of establishing a sex life without the physical act. For many couples, that can mean showering together, experimenting with sex toys and different times of the day that work for your routine.

When all is said and done though, it does take a lot of work and practice to re-establish your new normal when it comes to sex. 

How have you established your new sex life normal post SCI? Do you find it daunting? Do you find it exciting and new again?

Thanks for your response

- Brooke 
Your WAGS of SCI
(Elena and Brooke)
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