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Adaptive Slip N Slide

heatherkrillheatherkrill Moderator Posts: 60 Moderator
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When our son was 2, our friends and neighbors helped us to develop a system for slipping n sliding in the backyard like other families.  This has become a favorite summer tradition, usually on July 4.  The $45.00 Ebay investment of a 75 foot blue tarp and a single rope allowed us to "slingshot" Geoff down the slip n slide with two AB's (our pet name for Able Bodied friends) running him along side.  Our kiddos LOVE to slip n slide with their dad.  Additionally, we have neighbors who are seemingly "too old" to throw their bodies on plastic and risk injury-- so they too LOVE our modified slip n slide system.  To be safe, we make sure he wears his booties on his feet or keep socks on and make sure the grass is free of any debris beneath the plastic.  Not sure who loves it more...One way we create special traditions...
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