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Hello WAGS!

Love is in the air on our group pages recently, so we want to know YOUR engagement story!

Did your partner propose by himself (without assistance)? Did he need any help to accomplish your proposal? We feel like by posting your engagement stories here that it will motivate other quads and paras with their own proposal dreams. 

Thank you!

- WAGS of SCI 
Your WAGS of SCI
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    Since I am one of the newly engaged I will share how I did mine! I proposed to Bree in my backyard in front of both of our families. We had a big BBQ and it was the first time both of our families were together and our dads met. It was also Bree and I's exact year and a half anniversary of dating. I had not asked for her dads blessing yet, which is something I wanted to do before asking Bree. So, when I got the chance at the BBQ I pulled him aside secretly, talked about our future, and asked his permission to marry his daughter. He said yes and that I did not need his permission. I told him thank you and that it was something I wanted to do personally. I had the ring on me and pulled it out to show him what I got her. He loved it and I told him I wanted to ask her tonight. He said okay and I was on to my next step! I waited until after we all ate and asked everyone to come outside. I said I had a quick announcement to make. The only people who knew were both the dads, my mom, and brother because they were going to record everything. I thanked my dad for cooking and Bree's family for driving down because they live an hour away. I turned to each of her family members and said something I like and appreciate about them. Then I turned to Bree and as soon as I did she started to cry. I started telling her what I love about her and I started choking up too. After speaking from my heart and said everything I wanted, I asked her to marry me. I pulled the ring out and she put it on. It was such a special and perfect moment! Everything could not have gone more smoothly. Everyone was emotional. After that we all went to the top of our col-de-sac and took pictures before sunset with everyone. Then we went back to the house and celebrated with cheesecake and champagne!!!  

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