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Quadriplegic Support Group For Women Via Skype.

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Hello, all my lovely quadriplegic women out there!
Have you always wanted to attend a "Spinal Cord Injury Support Group" meeting, but due to circumstances such as. . . Work schedule, transportation, medical complications, social anxiety, homebound, newly injured, ext . . . It just is not possible for you to attend a meeting?
If so, would you be interested in attending support group "chats" via Skype? All you will need to attend is a Skype account and webcam.
In these group chats, there could be guest speakers, women can ask questions freely, or just be present to listen among your peers.
If this is something that you would be interested in please email me. [email protected] :)
I will be taking a census of availability. In the email please give me a general explanation of your availability. Also, include your Skype username.
The goal is to hopefully accommodate everyone's schedule for each meeting.
As this idea develops I will keep everyone interested informed. There are so many ladies out there who could benefit from SCI Support Group meetings.
Let's create a community of quadriplegic women that enhances your quality of life.
Thank you reading!

 (Original drawing by Jewel Sanchez.)
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