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Hey guys and gals!

Hope everyone is having a brilliant start to their week, mercury retrograde and all. We are really feeling the magnetic pull, and energetic shift this month and have focus the majority of our attention on clearing space and "cleaning out the closet so to speak." Spending more time with our own friend groups and reconnecting to what it is that we want to focus our attention on as individuals. 

Recently, my boyfriend asked me to join him on an adventure of adapted sports and a weekend away at Whistler, B.C Canada- yes, where the Olympics 2010 was held. And trust me, I would LOVE to go but it happens to be the same time as a business conference I would really love to attend in L.A...

I have a tremendous amount of guilt for wanting to go to the conference and not spend time with him as he doesn't want to go with anyone else...

Do you ever feel guilty for wanting to do something for yourself vs. something that your partner would like you to do with them?
 IF so, how do you manage your guilt? 

On another note, do you find it important to spend time with your own group of friends or do you mostly have mutual ones?

Let us know bellow! 


Elena Pauly

Your WAGS of SCI
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    Ah guilt -- it is universal.

    I'm curious as to what you decided to do?

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