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40 years a paraplegic

DK's_girlDK's_girl Member Posts: 4
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I’m a 60 year old female who fell asleep while driving in College, April 29, 1979. That day changed my life, at first I was depressed as  I had to learn to dress myself all over again. But I was fortunate enough to stay at Frazier rehab in Louisville Kentucky and they took wonderful care of me. I know that life in a wheelchair can be challenging but it can also be very freeing and I do believe that God chose us to be strong and show the world what we are able to do. My hope is to make all the sidewalks accessible, as this  is such an attainable goal. I know for me that going out sometimes is limiting because of my age and length of paralysis I can’t do wheelies anymore over curbs. I believe if we could work with engineers around the country that we could make all of the sidewalks and curbs truly accessible. This will give anyone whether you’re a paraplegic or a  quadriplegic access to any road you may want to go down. My injury is at T 11 and T 12 and I can tell you that I have had a wonderful life, that I am having a wonderful life. I would also like to be a mentor for anyone that has questions about being a paraplegic. I do believe I have run into all types of issues and been able to conquer them, as being a paraplegic really helps you to become creative and how you can do anything you want to do. Thank you for reading my story and if you’re interested in talking to me I’m here
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