How did you find your (excellent) caregiver?

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We are interested to hear about how everyone found a care-aid or caregiver they were comfortable with? We find that this process is extremely daunting - as it is SO hard to find someone who CARES enough to be a great care aid. Lots of people experience a revolving door..

Did you go through an agency?

Did you find him or her via a private ad?

Any websites or resources you would recommend (or any tips you may have) about finding a good caregiver?

These tips and insights are so valuable because there are so many people either looking in the wrong places or finding less than stellar care and having to endure the painful process of opening their lives to someone, and then being disappointed.

Thank you!

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    A website I know some people I assisted use is not sure if anyone has any experience with their site but I wanted to put it out there. 
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    I second We have had our amazing caregiver with us for a year now. She even came with us on our trip to Disneyland! I used to hire her and we can’t say enough good things about her.
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    This is a good thread. I hope there are other ways than because I’ve heard it’s a hit or miss. 
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