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Looking to meet you all!

Hi, I'm Jane N. I've been paralyzed for approximately 7 1/2 years during an aneurysm surgery where I lost a lot of blood and therefore my spinal cord was starved of blood. Haven't met anyone yet with the same type of injury but looking forward to it. Looking forward to meeting as many of you I can and learning your story. 
Jane Nores


  • Jane_2135111Jane_2135111 Member Posts: 2
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    I'm really confused about all of the items above and how to use them as you all can probably see. Hahaha
    Jane Nores
  • ambercollieambercollie Moderator Posts: 137 Moderator
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    Welcome! Thanks for introducing  yourself. I have not heard of that injury before and I've heard many! 
    Thanks for sharing. What items above are you having trouble with? Do you mean navigating the website in general?
  • petermartin12475petermartin12475 Member Posts: 6
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    Hey @Jane_2135111! Thanks for sharing your story.  I am also teaching my girlfriend in navigating the site. https://www.application-filing-service.com/
  • MikeSmithSudburyMikeSmithSudbury Member Posts: 1
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    Hey @Jane_2135111, first off all i want to send you love and hugs!!!
    My son during the labor had lack of O2 and he was born when part of his brain was suffering from hypoxia. now he have title of CP and we proud of him with every step he getting throe.
    I have start new business in https://www.sudburyappliancerepair.ca because his treatment is not cheap especially all the OT and the physio therapy.... but we there, step by step!!!!
    So i am very proud of every one who didn't gave up, and take this journey with a smile and ambition!


  • AskNurseLindaAskNurseLinda Moderator, Information Specialist Posts: 108 Information Specialist
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    Hello, @Jane_2135111, I hope you have found a home here. There are many individuals in the community with the same or similar issue. Although rare, paralysis as a surgical consequence does happen. People don't really consider it until it is a reality. This is a great place of hope. I think you will find the group quite wonderful. There are a terrific amount of resources so do not hesitate to take advantage of them. Nurse Linda

    I'm online in this community every Wednesday from 8-9 PM ET to answer your SCI and paralysis related questions.

    Leave a comment any time below. Let's get the discussion going!

    Nurse Linda

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