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My "See Us" Story!

bngwinbngwin Member Posts: 1
My name is Bob Windle. I am a quadriplegic person. This is because 10 years ago, I went into surgery for an artificial disk at C 3/4. The reason for an artificial disk instead of a fusion was because I already had a fusion at C 4/5 and I was told that it would stop the progression upward. Unfortunately, a piece of cartilage or something like that was smashed into my spine. SO, a surgery that was supposed to be done and I was supposed to go home the next day was not successful. The artificial disk was removed, a fusion was done, and I was in the hospital for 3.5 months in the ICU and then rehab to get off of the ventilator. Now I am living in the new normal with my wonderful wife whom I love and is also my best caregiver!


  • DK's_girlDK's_girl Member Posts: 4
    First Comment
    I understand your “new normal” can be challenging at times but it also makes you very creative in how to get things done. I’m glad you have a wonderful wife as that will help you. Take care.
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