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Assistive Devices for wheeling

BrittanyFrank Moderator Posts: 65 Moderator
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Hey y'all. I use a manual chair, but am looking into some of those assisted devices and am wondering what kind of products y'all have had the best success with. I just need a little help through the grass, gravel or woodchip trails especially when I'm chasing or carrying my toddler. I've looked into the SmartDrive, FreeWheel, GRIT Freedom Chair and more. Any favorites or particular experiences with one of the products?


  • DK's_girl
    DK's_girl Member Posts: 4
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    I have a Max Mobility Smart Drive, it’s now in the shop as the battery is shot and I’ve never had the chance to use it. I’ll let you know when I get it back.
    WAGSofSCI Moderator Posts: 379 Moderator
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    What level injury are you? My husband is a C4 and can use a manual chair on flat smooth surfaces independently. We rented a smart drive for 3 months (twice lol - the older and newer model) to see how it was for him, and while he could turn it off and on, and propel with it, he wasn't strong enough to keep it "straight" without wheeling off the sidewalk. He tried and tried, and it just didnt happen. It was however very powerful, and anyone with better upper body strength would love it. We know a lot of wheelchair users who use them successfully. Good luck - Brooke
    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
  • BrittanyFrank
    BrittanyFrank Moderator Posts: 65 Moderator
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    @WAGSofSCI I'm a t12 so I have great upper body strength, but other terrain can get tricky. I saw a fellow in a NYC hotel run into a wall and break part of his chair, so I'm not sure if he was less experienced or if it's that difficult to use. But the Max Mobility Smart Drive is definitely one I'm considering. Has anyone had any luck with the Freewheel?
  • trevorsendeavor
    trevorsendeavor Moderator Posts: 38 Moderator
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    @BrittanyFrank I have a smart drive from when I first got hurt, but honestly have never really used it. I never could get down the motions with the bluetooth connected to the device. If I leave the house, usually I don't have a problem pushing, but I have been meaning to get used to the smart drive because I have heard tons of good things about them.
  • BrittanyFrank
    BrittanyFrank Moderator Posts: 65 Moderator
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    @trevorsendeavor thanks for that honest input. I wonder how much I'd use it and hear and have seen different stories.
  • kimted1
    kimted1 Member Posts: 1
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    My name is Jacqueline Kim Makins and I have been living with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for 2 years but was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 2001. I am confined to my power chair and my husband Teddy and I have always tried to make my life better.
    What we have done is invent a patented Independent Shopping Basket that attaches to my power wheelchair so that when I go  shopping in this era of COVID-19, I can be safe and able to shop independently. I think that this invention not only helps me, but would be of assistance to disabled people like me in the Pride Jazzy series, Quantum series, and Trident series power chairs..

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