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Newly Paralyzed

Sawyer Member Posts: 1
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I am sad and frustrated but am still very grateful for all the support and great care I have had since this has occurred. Meningitis that I had when I was 13 days old is the leading cause of all of this. My brain stem was severely damaged but I turned out much better then I should of. I wasn’t supposed to walk, but I did for 19yrs. I can talk when they said I wouldn’t. I have conquered more than I ever was supposed to do. The prognosis is that I am going to be wheelchair bound. For how long? Who knows but it doesn’t look like I’ll be walking anytime soon. My spinal cord is damaged and there is way too much scarring in my spinal canal. My neurosurgeon said that when he went in the day of the surgery to speak to the other surgeon, the back of my skull looked like cement. It was very crowded and had been for awhile. He doesn’t feel comfortable going in to do the surgery due to the fact that there is so much scar tissue making this a high risk surgery. For that, I will not have the surgery which is comforting and irritating because this is a now classified as a spinal cord injury. But he did remind me there is always new advancements coming out so who knows what 10yrs will bring. I am now a senior at Central Washington University where I am getting my degree in Family and Child Life to become a Child Life Specialist. Nothing is stopping me!!!