What does your car look like when you leave for a family road trip?

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Call it anxiety.  Call it control. Call it whatever you need to call it; I know how to pack our Subaru wagon to fit everything we need;  we pack light and do laundry. We need to be able to access Geoff’s wheelchair easily for rest stops or in case of emergency.  I know how to put our kids’ life jackets, fishing poles, bike helmets, Geoff’s travel commode, tire pump (have wheelchair, must have air pump) waterproof luggage bag on top of the car so that there is enough room inside the vehicle for the family, dog, cooler, wheelchair, etc.  There was even enough room for the inflatable avocado and noodle net Geoff likes to float in when in water.  


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    We have done many road trips and we have the braun ability edition Toyota Siena Van. I always pack the Hoyer Lift (folded) in the trunk (it fits perfectly folded up), and then pile/stack a few things like a suitcase and I roll the commode in behind the drivers seat so my husband can still enter and exit as he needs to without hitting it. Then I use the commode as a shelf and put his medical supply bag on it and secure it with his leg strap LOL . Then the dog takes part of the back seat and theres just enough room for him to lay down. 

    At the end of packing the van I always feel so accomplished - its like a life size Jenga puzzle that we have conquered! Especially when you have to unpack something and re-stack everything.. moving things around becomes an art form. you have perfected !!!

    Your WAGS of SCI
    (Elena and Brooke)
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    Thank you for sharing! 
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